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DuPrau: The People of Sparks

Most of the inhabitants of Ember have finally reached the ground above, and they are - partly unwillingly - accepted als guests by the villagers of Sparks. This is a small post-catastrophe settlement, working of course on a very low level of production.

The story tells about the differences and growing tensions between these two groups. Will they manage to find a peaceful agreement or will the situation lead to open violence and blood shed? This book is about tolerance and the difficulties to uphold a peaceful relationship between human beings. And of course our heroes Doon and Lena will do their best to solve the problems.

Jeanne DuPrau, The People of Sparks. The second Book of Ember, New York 2005

DuPrau: City of Ember

A book for children and grown-ups. Creative, adventurous, full of colours, smells, light and shadow. It plays in a world of shadow. The City of Ember, an underground city, erected by the mysterious Bilders in a time, where total destruction seams to be near. There are three heroes, and two of them have just finished the school in the strange suburban town and ,drawn' their new jobs: Doon Harrow, a 12 year old boy, will be messenger, Lina Mayflee, same age, has to take the dreaded job of a Pipework laborer. The third heroe is Poppy, Linas little sister.

Experience with our heroes the City of Ember! See, how they manage with their new jobs and the people they meet, the fat mayor, the cruel and stupid guards, Lenas sick grandmother ... How they lead their everyday life, in a situation of capitivity, seamingly in the only bright place, surrounded by the universe of darkness!

Is there an escape from this strange world? There should be one, because, after having discovered the mayor is stealing rare goods, Doon and Lina are in serious trouble! Will they manage to save themselves? And what is to happen with wee Poppy? Read this breathtaking story ...

Jeanne DuPrau, City of Ember, Random House, New York 2003

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City of Ember (USA 2008)

Director: Gil Kenan
Book: Jeanne DuPrau
Screenplay: Caroline Thompson

Be ready to step down towards the CITY OF EMBER - a claustrophobic underground city in the years following the final catastrophe. A city with a corrupt and ridiculous government.
The movie uses some elements of horror genre which do not really help the plot but on the other hand could disturb some of very young viewers.


First: The Establishment is always wrong!

Second: Trust your instincts!

Third: A situation may look completely hopeless, but there is always a way out!