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Sacred Stones of Kvalsund

From Kvalsund over a spectacular bridge to the Samisk Offerstein of Hammernes. In front of the tunnel you keep to the left and reach a street closed for traffic.

The spirit is speaking with me. When I come close before my departure, we both feel sad. And he shows me, a wolf, howling to the sky, suddenly a withered old face, a cat's muzzle, another face looking towards the sea with desire, towards the sund, being crossed by the reindeers in May and September, and then: tempel after temple on his surface.

In the hour of the dawn. While I am writing into my diary, a fox crosses the car. She follows a bird's cry, taking no notice of myself however. I take some fotos, and she is looking at me, as if doubting my very presence. Two geese she was looking for, will soon fly away...


In the very centre of the village Kvalsund, near COOP and postoffice, a Saami ritual stone is situated, called offering stone. Therefore I offer my last pastry. Quite suitable, with its creamy spiral. And I lean myself on the rock... In that very moment I feel completely relaxed, all sorrows are disappearing into the grey stone, and I grow very, very light. It streams into the rock. And then I manage to recognize it ... I am falling into all the Universes, in the nightly black of the space which is opening itself for me, and if I really wanted, I would just fall into it, into the rock, into space.


Rock Paintings of Bardal

Heavy rain, evening. A friendly, freckled girl shows me the road to Bardal. I am driving through an alley of birches, near a farm with red buildings, and I stop at a black, wet rock. For 6.000 years these rocks have been used as a foundation for paintings. There are reindeers, humans, big boats, curious foot prints (following the legends prints of mysterious gods), spirals ... Holes and carved triangles are covered with water, and I get the idea to discover patterns in these very forms. I am spending the night on a small island, which I reach above a bank, and return in the morning to the paintings...


Rock Paintings of Alta

The most beautiful part of the northnorwegian town of Alta are about 5.000 rock paintings which are to be found in four different regions. The drawings of Hjemmeluft and Jiepmaluokta are situated not far from the sea, on a western slope. Scientists suggest, that they were created between 6.200 and 2.000 BC. Some earlier paintings seam to be more complex and of higher symbolic value! One of the oldest fields (6.200 - 5.300 BC), is most interesting for me. It shows various rituals and contains interesting symbols.

Lets catch a glimpse of a fascinating carving which I would like to call "Dance of Life". The oval central disc might be an egg, the sun, moon or planet Earth. Two - taller - women and two men are moving in an ecstatic dance around this vital centre. Their arms form a second ellipse forming an angle of 90 ° zu the inner one.

Many paintings may have different meanings. You could interprete this carcing as a lake between two mountains. On the other hand, you find the symbol of a Vulva.

Now, what's that? A woman feeding an reindeer? And what's the bird doing on top of the animal?


The Rock Paintings of Boggestranda

A nice black-white coloured dog leads me to the Rock Paintings, and then to the shore, where he finds another rock, at which he loudly barks. I cross the wooden fence, recognizing at the place just some whine bottles. On my return, I meet the two blonde farm-kids, the girl starting to chat with me .. and for the first time on the journey I really want to learn the Norwegian language.