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A swan flies, strangely singing, above the waters of Liesjärvi, on which shore I am resting. Raindrops like tears. Small wood covered islands.

Dark spruces with their long branches lowering themselves towards earth, are forming natural tents. Strong pines. Gentle, fragnant junipers. Some birds song, like a tenderly put question. The bird itself is not to be seen. The extended surface of Liesjärvi gleams softly under a clouded sky and the yellow colour of the birches.

Saana and Malla

Here at the shore of the lake
in my dreams
I see and feel
both Saana and Malla
and their everlasting longing.


The marshland is quiet and colourful. Small pines are cuddling to the mossy ground. A milky sky makes the feeling even more real, that this place is outwards of time and space. However, the spare life seems to be more self conscient than the drifting of the people in the supermarket I visited today.


Light blue. Linnavuori near Sääksmäki, Roppola. Milla and Markus, my Finnish friends, have brought me to an iron age hillfort. The larger formation is 200 metres long and 150 metres wide. We are wandering along the sharp edge of the hill, passing the rocks which have been brought here. Remains of a former entrance. A wave of yellow leaves of the white birches, above them the lake Vanajavesi is glimmering. A lonely place, long ago left by its inhabitants.


From Helsinki the E 18 takes us in about half an hour to Nupuri and then to Nuuksio. You find there wooden huts, packed with fire wood, nearby roofed cooking places. We are camping near a moor lake, and a bed of branches forms a nice couch. In the night the full moon shins brightly above the clear waters, which will help us to our tea in the morning.

Auf den Alands: Korpo

A church, a small shop, a restaurant, three flags are showing three black birds with red claws on yellow ground. On top of a small hill a coffee shop with a post office. Pink geraniums on blue window-sills. White cloud sheeps on the horizon invite me to drive on.


On the island of Houtskär you can find a cairn - called Stenröse in Swedish - whose diameter is about 10 metres. Archeologists suppose it to date from 1.000 BC. From there you have a good view to the blue shimmering sea and the surrounding small islands.