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Annes Grove Gardens are privately owned gardens open to the public during the summertime. The estate belonged originally to the Grove family. In the late 18th century it became the property of Arthur Grove Annesley, whose descendants live even now in this lovely place. The gardens have been created by the late Richard Grove Annesley in the first half of the twentieth century.

The house front itself is covered with the evergreen Euonymus fortunei and the deciduous Actinidia chinesis, notable for its heart-shaped leaves and cup-shaped white flowers in summer.

Walking past the house, one comes first to the walled garden, originally an 18th century orchard. It is divided into compartments by a series of yew and beech hedges.

The Walled Garden


You find a series of box-hedged ribbon borders, who are overlooked by a victorian summer-house set on a small mount which is coverd by fuchsia and escallonia.

To me, the beautifully composed flower ensembles, yellow, pink, violet and blue are most remarkable.

The Walled Garden

The Woodland Garden

The second part of the estate is the woodland garden, maybe a little bit disappointing after the multitude of colours I had seen. The prize of exaltation?

To watch the multitude of rhododendrons flowering, you have to get there in spring and early summer.

Abutilon vitifolium, azaras, embothriums, myrtuses and magnolias add to the variety and include many specimens of unusual size.

The River Garden

The valley floor has here been transformed into a wild water garden on a scale unique in Ireland. You will find beautiful exotic palm trees and bamboo as well as indigenous alders and ash-trees.

Wooden footbridges lead you above a small and clear river and give access to an island. There the water-side path is edged with the red, pink and white of spiraeas and the orange and yellow lilies.

While most of the visitors are just having their picknick there, don't miss to undress yourself and take a refreshing swim in the water. You will find the atmosphere miraculous!